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Vignamato Antares 13% 50cl
Vignamato Antares 13% 50cl
Tuote: Vignamato Antares 13% 50cl
Selostus: Vignamato is a family-owned winery, whose vineyards in the prestigeous area of hills of "Catelli di Jesi", tell the story of the family´s history over the generations - a story of sacrifice, of good harvests and of others not so good, of hard work under the sun and under the rain, because as the current owner likes to repeat the words of his parents and grandparents: "wine begins, first of all, in the vineyards - tending vine by vine, shoot by shoot and grape by grape". For them, making wine is in their blood and by using all their knowledge and passion, they give each wine a life of its own!
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