Other strong alcohol » Atla Helisev Õunanaps 40% 35cl


Atla Helisev Õunanaps 40% 35cl
Atla Helisev Õunanaps 40% 35cl
Name: Atla Helisev Õunanaps 40% 35cl
Specification: On the road with the legends
On the road of existence you will need the best company. Chiming, Ancient and Landlord’s, three apple liquors filled with legends; just like solid wayfarers whose company you seek to help open the sincerity, harmony, integrity within.

Chiming Apple Liquor
The songs of the legendary swing composer so dearly beloved by Estonians, Raimond Valgre (1913-1949), are packed with unique sincerity. We believe that some of it comes from an idyllic childhood he spent in the small Town of Rapla. In nearly every song the author is searching for human intimacy, by building a bridge of sorts out of music and lyrics that would reach a companion.
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