Bottle/can deposit
 Method of payment

SuPerAlko is one of the biggest store chains specializing in wholesale and retail of alcohol. You can choose between more than 3000 different brands of wine, beer and strong liquor here.

The easiest way to shop is to visit our Cash & Carry shop in Tallinn. You can find a SuPerAlko - Viinarannasta store in the Port of Tallinn at 6, Lootsi Street (next to terminal D).
Open: Mo-Su 10:00-19:00

When you're in a hurry and wish to make haste, the goods purchased by you will be transported right to the port (300 EUR and bigger orders) at the time and date you choose.

Method of payment: bank card (Visa, Master) or cash.




If you have any questions about our services you can ask for more information by calling our service line

+372 55560021  Call us!

Or you may e-mail us:


Director: Imre Poll +372 6667372
Director of Purchasing: Martin Penu +372 6667373


SuPerAlko Cash & Carry
Lootsi tänav 6
10151 Tallinn

SuPerAlko Sadama Turg – shop
Kai 6
10111 Tallinn

SuPerAlko Kochi Aidad - shop
Lootsi 10-1
10151 Tallinn

SuPerAlko Viinarannasta
SuPerAlko Viinarannasta

SuPerAlko Viinarannasta

 Bottle/can deposit

In Estonia it is mandatory to add a deposit of € 0.10 per package for all beers, soft drinks and other alcoholic drinks (up to 6%). Retailers are required to repurchase these items. On the territory of the SuperAlko Cash & Carry Lootsi str. 6, there is a returning machine, where you can bring cans and bottles witch are registered in Eesti Pandipakend.

SuPerAlko Viinarannasta Lootsi 6


Find different goods from these pages at SuPerAlko Cash and Carry shop at 6, Lootsi Street.
If you are in a hurry, hand your order with our purchaser basket and we will gather the goods you have chosen. Get the complete order at SuPerAlco Cash and Carry shops or, if you wish, we will deliver it to the port of Tallinn at any time on any suitable day.
Free delivery to the port of Tallinn from orders above 500 €.
Delivery cost to the port of Tallinn is 4,00 € from orders 300-500 €.
We don't deliver orders below 300 € to the port of Tallinn.

NB! Orders for the next day please finalize before 15:00.

To order with the purchaser basket:

1) Choose the group of goods.
2) Choose the item you need.
3) Choose the amount you need.
4) Push the "Add To Cart" button.
5) Purchaser basket changing balance and final sum are permanently in the right-top corner of the title-page.
6) You can always change or cancel the contents of your basket with the "Edit" button.
7) When you are satisfied with your choice, push the "Order" button.
8) Complete the information data fields (name and e-mail address are necessary).
9) If you wish, add your written comments.
10) Push the "Confirm"button.
11) You will get the e-mail acknowledgement that your order has been accepted.

Make your order also by the telephone
+372 55560021


 Method of payment

Method of payment: bank card (Visa, Master) or cash

Payments are made at the SuPerAlko Cash & Carry or upon delivery at the port.

On payment with credit cards, clients have to produce an ID if the price is 50 € or more.

If you order beforehand, you may make an advance payment by bank transfer. In the case of advance payment you always have to produce an ID upon delivery. The goods will be given only to the person in whose name the order has been made.

If the order contains alcoholic beverages, the products will only be delivered to adults (recipient's proof of age is required). If the customer does not provide proof of identity or if the customer is a minor, the seller has the right not to hand over the aforementioned products.

Bank: LHV
Company name: OÜ Aldar Eesti
IBAN: EE117700771003017442




How can I order products to be delivered to your door
(distance purchase and distance selling)


Distance purchase:

1) place an order in the online store
2) check the weight of the goods ordered from the order
3) Select the Shipping Company that will deliver the goods.
The following transport companies deliver goods from Estonia to other EU countries
Jet Express
FBS delivery;;
4) send the seller information (which transport company picks up the goods and when) to

Distance selling:

1) place an order in the online store and indicate that you would like to use distance selling and the seller will arrange transportation
2) agree with the seller on the distance selling service fee (taxes, shipping)
3) Agree with the seller on the delivery time

More information: or service numbers +372 55560021
Director: Imre Poll +372 6667372
Director of Purchasing: Martin Penu +372 6667373


Alcoholic beverages ordered from EU countries do not need to be cleared through customs, but are subject to excise duties.
You can import alcoholic beverages and tobacco products tax-free only if they come for your own use and you transport them to Finland yourself.
If you order alcoholic beverages from another EU country and do not transport the products to Finland yourself, but arrange the transport of the products yourself, this is a so-called distance purchase and the excise duties on the beverages must be paid to the Finnish Tax Administration (alcohol tax and beverage packaging tax).
If the seller arranges the transport of the products to Finland and pays the taxes on your behalf, then this is a so-called distance sale.