RV Machine


In the port of Tallinn, Lootsi 6 SuperAlko store yard, a new generation reverse vending machine has started working, where you can comfortably pour your empty cans and plastic bottles without prior sorting. This machine allows costumer to pour in bigger amount of empty beverage bottles. It is a new generation multi-feed reverse vending machine that works almost up to five times faster than single-feed RVMs, since there is no need to add them one by one. For glass bottles there is separate RVM next to new machine. Taking account new machines work technique, glass must be separated, because heavy glass bottles might crush cans and RVM might not read bar codes efficiently.




From 2016 this kind of multi-feed RVM has been field tested in Norway, Sweden and Finland since new machine offers faster solutions with upgraded ease, speed, hygiene-they became popular amongst people. Returning of the containers with these new generation RVM’s doubled. New generation RVM allow to make life more comfortable and are environment friendly.



Open: Mo-Su 10:00-19:00.


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